Tooth Extractions in
The Dalles, OR

Why Would I Need An Extraction?

Tooth extractions may be necessary if you have a tooth that’s too damaged or unhealthy to save. At Columbia River Dental, Dr. Jonathan Feller only recommends extractions if you have no other options. However, extractions are sometimes the best way to eliminate pain, prevent complications, and get you back to your normal routine. Contact us now if you think you may need an extraction in The Dalles, OR.

Tooth Extractions The Dalles

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In the Middle Ages, tooth extractions were typically performed by barbers without anesthetic.

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How It Works: The Tooth Extraction Process

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Numbing and prep

To begin the process, Dr. Feller will numb the treatment area to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort. He’ll also clean the area thoroughly to reduce the risk of infection.

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Basic tooth extractions

In a basic extraction, Dr. Feller will use some special tools to loosen your tooth, then pull it out of the socket. Then, he’ll clean and suture the area, and repeat the process if you’re having multiple teeth pulled.

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Surgical tooth extractions

Surgical extractions are required for teeth that are “impacted” and are not fully erupted from the gums, or that are broken off at the gumline. Dr. Feller will create an opening in your gums near the tooth. Then, he will use tools to cut the tooth into pieces, and remove it through this gum incision. Once he’s fully removed the tooth, he will clean the area up, disinfect it, and suture it shut.

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Healing and recovery

Dr. Feller will give you instructions to follow as you heal and recover. You’ll need to do things like eat a soft diet, avoid straws for a few days, and rinse with salt water. Most patients can get back to their normal routine in a few days, but it takes 1-2 weeks to fully heal from an extraction.

Types Of Tooth Extractions

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Basic Tooth Extractions

Basic tooth extractions are done on damaged or unhealthy teeth. As the name suggests, they're quite simple. Dr. Feller can simply use tools like dental elevators to wiggle the tooth loose, then pull it out with dental forceps. Basic extractions may be done on infected or broken teeth. They're often done to prepare for another procedure like dentures or a dental implant.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17-25. Most people don’t have enough room for their wisdom teeth. That means they can damage the nearby teeth, make it hard to clean your teeth, and cause some other oral health issues. If you don’t have adequate space for your wisdom teeth, Dr. Feller may recommend wisdom teeth extractions.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extractions

If your wisdom teeth don’t fully erupt from your gums (they’re “impacted”), then you will need a surgical extraction. Impacted wisdom teeth are highly susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and infections.

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There are no limitations to the foods you can eat while wearing clear aligners.

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Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

No. Your mouth will be completely numb during the tooth extraction process. You will not feel any pain or discomfort during your appointment. After your appointment, once your numbing wears off, you may feel some discomfort as you heal. Dr. Feller will give you instructions on how to care for your mouth as you heal, and minimize your pain.

However, you won’t feel much discomfort, especially compared to a tooth infection, broken tooth, or improperly-erupting wisdom tooth. In just a day or two, your mouth will feel much better, and you can get back to your normal daily routine.